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Be Positive

Everyone needs to be positive; if you don’t you die – just ask Andy Rooney. Which is why we as a country need to start turning that frown upside down. With so much depressing talk about government bond ratings getting downgraded, stocks sinking, and high unemployment rates, it’s no wonder no one feels confident enough to make the kind of inappropriate purchases that got us here in the first place. It’s time that we take some lessons from followers of The Secret and every positive person your grumpy friend has ever wanted to punch.

When things are going bad never let people know.  No one likes to be with a downer ’cause downers are no fun.  But if you feel like you really need to talk about what you’re going through just make sure you turn your negative experience into something like A Challenge or Life Lesson. Just look at how Sharon Bialek, one of Herman Cain‘s accusers, made her allegations more agreeable on CBS’ Early Show this week:

“I don’t despise the man. I actually did it because I wanted to help him. I wanted to give him a platform to come clean, to have to tell the truth. And he still hasn’t done it, and it’s really a shame because he could  he could have switched it. He could have, you know, come forward, and I was trying to be nice about it, too. And it just didn’t work.”

See-she wasn’t coming forward because according to her Cain was a slimebag that she wanted to take down, she was just lending a helpful hand. If she went with the whiney negative Oh I’m such a victim angle, no one would have listened because people don’t like people who can’t t help themselves.

So be positive and make your own life awesome! Imagine yourself accomplishing your goals and being where you wish to be. Put together a collage of everything you want and say it out loud to the universe or to a mirror and…voilà – magic – it all comes true. Don’t believe me? Just ask any professional athlete who has won a championship what they did to prepare for the big game. Sure they sacrificed those precious hours better spent in front of a TV to training hard everyday, but what really matters is that they envisioned winning the game in vivid detail, replaying that victory over and over so on the big day… voilà – magic. That’s what professional winners do. Of course we don’t know what losers do because we’re America and America is always #1 even when we’re not. So let’s be that America and focus on our strengths and desires and ask the universe for anything that can be represented by a really pretty picture from a fashion magazine so we can get over this lame time and have fun again!

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