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Censorship? Say What?!!!


Damn it!!

Going into WordPress today I was a little confused at the home page covered in censored blocks. Then I went to Google and saw they were using a little censor box too. “Oh right,” I thought, “Today is ‘Self-Censoring to Make a Point Against SOPA and PIPA’ day.”

For some, SOPA may mean soup in spanish and PIPA is a misspelling of Kate Middleton’s sister’s name, but in the world of nerds and Hollywood, these are two anti-piracy bills going through Congress. Groups like the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America support the bills because like anyone who does creative work for a living, they do not generally care for piracy. Therefore Anti-Piracy=Good for Film and Music. Thing is other businesses like Google, WordPress, Wikipedia and other internet companies, say they oppose it because like many bills that go through Congress, what you see might not end up being what you get. These S Valley kids have found language in the bills that they believe are too vague and could later cause lawsuits that may impair the growth of start-ups or cause online material to be censored. Badly Written Bill=Angry Internet.

What’s gotten people riled up though is the smart approach taken by those against PIPA and SOPA. They’re using the one word no American will stand for: censorship. The thought of censorship makes us crazy. There is just something about growing up in The States that makes us feel like nobody has the right to tell us to shut up! Even teachers in elementary school teach kids to not say, “Shut up.” You know why? Because it’s rude?  No, it’s because it’s unconstitutional! Now I understand, sometimes you’re thankful for those censorship bars, especially when it covers a certain person you’d rather not see in the nude, but aside from that, could any of us really stand for any limits on what we want to say or do? Bravo S Valley kids. Seeing those black bars all over the internet is probably turning a majority of Americans into raging Libertarians. I hope Ron Paul is taking advantage of this wave of censor blocks, especially since his last debate was probably one he wished had been censored.

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