Thank Heavens Sky Mall Is Real

This week I had a hard time writing because I’m in San Francisco to perform at the SF Sketchfest and had to quickly throw everything together before leaving town. So in lieu of anything more thoughtful, I decided instead to share some joy. Some people dream of running into Bigfoot, others hope that vision boards with their dreams displayed will bring them to life, and others like myself, pick up a Sky Mall on every plane they fly and hope to one day have enough money to buy some of the items and find out if they are real and as ridiculous as they seem. I’m happy to report that Sky Mall is real and yes their products are everything you could hope for. I’m staying at my friend’s apartment in North Beach, and to my surprise, she pulled out an inflatable bed. Not the typical one on the ground you use for camping or that you offer your friends when they visited you in college, no this one is from Sky Mall and it inflates with an attached frame with legs. For those who don’t believe me, I shot this video just for you. Enjoy and I’ll be back with more blog next week.


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